Partner Program Overview

The IT Specialist Network (ITSN) welcomes partners from around the globe. Our network is comprised of web sites and social media networks owned and operated by our parent company Acadian Media. Our flagship site, IT, is a mashup of third party content and services as well as our own publications and services. So, what exactly is a mashup, you ask? Technically speaking a mashup is the integration of various web services. However, we take a slightly different approach to help deliver great content from disparate tech sites and social media networks and combine it all to form a unique tech portal. Listed below are some of the best-of-breed tech sites and their leaders that we've teamed up with recently.


  • Since being named 'The Yelp for IT' by the Wall Street Journal, the team here at IT Central Station has been dedicated to create the best platform for IT professionals to promote their expertise and help their peers make better decisions about selecting IT products and services," said Russell Rothstein, Co-Founder and CEO of IT Central Station. "We're excited to partner with IT Specialist, and enable its IT professionals to promote their knowledge, build a great profile, and be seen as an expert in the products they use.

    Russell Rothstein, IT Central Station
  • At BrightTALK, we believe that people learn the most when they interact directly with those who know the subject best," noted Nick Markwith, Community Development Manager for BrightTALK. "Our online tools were designed to promote direct interaction and conversations between our presenters and viewers, and we are very pleased to be able to provide a webinar and video platform for the IT community.

    Nick Markwith, BrighTALK
  • At Work Market we are building a platform that allows large companies manage their contractor networks" noted Jeff Wald, co-founder of Work Market, "partnering with world class social networks like IT Specialist Network allows our buyers to have access to some of the best IT talent anywhere.

    Jeff Wald, WorkMarket

Our partners decided to join the IT Specialist Network for several reasons, notably for its considerable reach and growth in the industry, but also because they understand the importance of providing valuable services to our members at zero or low cost. We warmly welcome them all!

Will Jeansonne, IT Specialist Network

We're actively looking for partners to join our IT Specialist Mashup! If you've got great technical content that you would like to feature or embed on our site please feel free to contact us here. A few examples of the type of content we're looking for is outlined below:


  • Feature Tech Articles
  • Feature Tech Videos
  • Unique Web based Tech Oriented Services
  • Full-time Tech Jobs

By joining forces with us, we can help promote your business and web site traffic in ways you've never imagined!

ITSN Member Demographics

  • United States, 55%
  • United Kingdom, 5%
  • European Union, 11%
  • Asia, 25%
  • South America, 9%

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