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One of the fun things for me in writing about startups is reading about success stories. While working for a startup is frequently considered the ‘hot’ thing to do, the reality is the vast majority of startups actually fail. Startup founders put their hearts and souls into their companies – frequently at the expense of more lucrative or secure jobs – and so when a startup actually has a successful ending it’s a great thing to see.

The latest startup to have a successful exit is Soluto. Soluto offers a cloud-based PC solution that allows users to manage their PCs and mobile devices remotely.

The purchaser is the US company Asurion, which works with the big cellular carriers to resell its device insurance financial product to end-user consumers. Asurion also has a software package that allows its customers to locate lost devices (like when you’re iPhone gets stuck between the pillows of your couch…), and one would assume Soluto’s technology would somehow be integrated into this piece of Asurion’s business.

The deal is about to finalized, and it appears as though the final price will be somewhere north of $100 million. Soluto had raised a total of $18 million, and its anchor investors are two VCs, Bessemer Venture Partners and Index Ventures.

As a final note, Soluto has one of the better company blogs I’ve seen, and for those interested in the PC industry and/or considering buying a new PC for themselves or their enterprise, Soluto came out with a list of their “Top 10 PCs on the Market”not long ago.Soluto based their analysis of the best PCs by analyzing the millions of data points their cloud-based software collects – the list is well worth a read, and the results may surprise you (hint: Dell does really well).

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