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IT Specialist Cybersecurity Services

What is the greatest security threat to my business?

We all have employees that have made mistakes at one time or another. Maybe they had an overwhelming schedule that caused them to slip up, or maybe they simply typed in an email address incorrectly and hit send. No matter what the cause, employees are human, they make mistakes, and they are being TARGETED.

Why humans? Won’t technology keep me safe?

Over 90% of breaches are caused by human error, but why do criminals target humans in the first place? Using technology alone to break into a network is time-consuming and can be expensive. Cybercriminals are running a business, and just as you try to save time and money, so do they. How do they do that? By tricking humans into opening the door for them. Think about it this way, why break through the window when your employees could simply let them in the ”main entrance” and welcome them into your network?

How can I keep my business protected?

A comprehensive cybersecurity program designed to improve your organization’s security posture by first bulking up your weakest links – your employees – can largely reduce the risks to your organization. A key component of a comprehensive program is running regular phishing simulations – the top attack method used by cybercriminals – to educate users on how to spot these malicious emails.

What is the Dark Web?

Due to its anonymity, cybercriminals use the Dark Web as a place to buy and sell stolen information. Most stolen personal information will end up here and will likely remain so forever.

How do I know if my business is at risk? 

Our Cybersecurity Services division can run a Dark Web Breach Assessment and show you exactly which email accounts have been involved in a data breach. Doing so will inform you of any employees putting your business at risk.

How can I help reduce the risk of a data breach at my business or organization?

By implementing security awareness training for all of your employees, including management. Doing so will help educate employees on how to spot and avoid phishing, social media and telephone scams that cybercriminals routinely use to target unsuspecting staff within an organization. 

IT Specialist Advisory Services

What is a Data Driven IT Strategy and how can it help my business or organzation?

It all begins with Benchmarking Diagnostics. Our diagnostics are the simplest way to collect the data you need, turn it into actionable insights, and communicate with stakeholders across the organization. We use low-effort surveys to get the data you need from stakeholders across the organization. Next, our diagnostic engine does all the heavy lifting and analysis, turning your data into usable information. Then, wow upper management with the incredible insights you’ve uncovered in engaging full-color reports with charts and graphs. 

How do your Workshops function?

Our workshops provide an innovative approach to IT consulting. Over the course of five days, our expert facilitators help you complete a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. We use a learning-based approach to implement Info-Tech methodologies tailored to your unique situation. Our workshops are now available remotely and on-premise.

Can you assist us with our software review process?

Unlike many manually oriented software and services review sites, we take a data-driven approach using our member software review portal to research the best solution for a business or organization. We begin with a thorough evaluation and ranking of all software in an specific category to compare software across every dimension. A comprehensive full-color report on an individual software, aggregating feedback from real IT professionals and business leaders is compiled for quick and easy evaluation of alternatives. 

How can I benefit from a Membership?

Our core service commitment is to provide you with best-practice IT research and roadmaps to make your job easier by improving your IT department. Through our tools and templates, step-by-step methodologies, benchmarking and diagnostic programs, training and executive coaching, and the insights and advice of over 30,000 members, we help you in five key ways: 

  • Manage and Improve Core IT Processes
  • Faster & More Effectively Complete Technology Projects
  • Train and Develop Your IT Leadership Team
  • Build a Data-Driven IT Strategy
  • Step-by-Step Program to Systematically Improve IT

We have a range of memberships (aside from your membership on our website) that include both individual and group or bundles. We can cover specific individuals with our research and advisory support or your entire IT management team depending on your needs. Please contact us for details.  

Additonal FAQs

Who is IT Specialist Network?

IT Specialist Network™ (ITSN) is a U.S. based corporation comprised of a social media based tech web site and third-party social networking communities created exclusively for IT professionals. As an emerging online global community and platform, ITSN now boasts over half a million members and is fast growing. Specifically, the network consists of IT (its flagship website), and several loosely affiliated online communites found on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

How can we get our technical event listed on your site?

Vendors and IT professionals seeking to promote a technical event on our site can request a listing by clicking here. We can also host the full event registration and listing process directly from our site, including the collection of funds for the events. Our IT Specialist Event Listing services are affordable and effective. In addition, IT Specialist event listings are also promoted throughout our IT Specialist Network for maximum coverage.  

How can we advertise on your site?

IT Specialist does not offer traditional web site advertising methods such as banner ad and e-mail marketing services. Advertisers interested in native advertising, as well as content and social media marketing, can contact us here for more details.

Where are the Terms of Use and Privacy Notices listed on your site?

Click here to view our Terms of Use Agreement. And click here here to view our privacy policy.

Contributing Authors & Bloggers

Interested in submitting content for publication and syndication on the IT Specialist Network?

As a contributing writer on IT, you can quickly gain exposure as an opinion leader or subject matter expert in information technology with our large audience of technical professionals located around the world. And as an added benefit, our website supports multi-lingual textual translation via Google. We welcome new and established authors that specialize in one or more sectors of the IT industry. Once your article(s) is approved for publication, it will be selectively syndicated on our broader IT Specialist Network or platform. Contact us for details.

Global Support for IT Pros

IT Specialist Cybersecurity Services provides several complimentary cybersecurity services including security awareness training, security assessments and dark web scans in support of business, non-profit and government agencies. We also offer a comprehensive cybersecurity subscriber plan for organizations seeking to protect their organization 24/7/365 as well as cyber insurance for businesses and organizations that wish to fully protect themselves from a potential cyberattack. 

Please contact us for more information.

IT Specialist Advisory Services is an information technology consulting service that offers IT Pros the assistance they need on complex, lengthy projects. Our uniquely configured engagements offer IT management and leaders peace of mind in completing projects on time and within budget. We partner closely with IT teams to provide everything  they need – from actionable tools to in-person analyst  guidance – to deliver measurable results for their  organizations.

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