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Certified IT Specialists

Program Benefits

Showcase Your Expertise

By highlighting or featuring your experience in information technology throughout our IT Specialist Network, we can help promote your expertise as a bona fide IT professional. In turn, this will help you qualify to join our upcoming IT Specialist Advisory Services.

Free use of our ITSN Webinar Channel

As an Expert member of the Certified IT Specialist Program, you can enjoy the added benefit of holding your own webinars on the ITSN Channel on BrightTALK.

Join the IT Specialist Advisory Services

Once you have met our requirements as a Certified IT Specialist Expert, you can join our IT Specialist Advisory Services. This unique service will launch will launch in early 2017. Stay tuned for details!

Private Membership in our Certified IT Specialist Group on Linkedin

Once you have become a member of our site or Certified IT Specialist, you can apply to join our private group on Linkedin. The group is by invitation only and will allow you to openly discuss private matters regarding the Certified IT Specialist program.

Professional use of our Certified IT Specialist Logo

Once you are a Certified IT Specialist (at any level) you can freely use our logo on your business cards, blogs, website or wherever suitable.

Contribute Articles, Reviews and Blogs on IT Specialist

Our site offers IT professionals a great platform to exhibit their expertise in multiple ways. They can write in-depth technical reviews, feature articles and even blog. In turn, we’ll promote their content throughout our IT Specialist Network.

Program Overview

  • We don't subject you to a formal test or proctored exam
  • We don't train or certify you in a specific technology (i.e. Windows, Linux, etc.)
  • We don't issue you any sort of certificate or diploma
  • We don't charge any sort of fee for our certification program and never will
  • We do require that you be an active IT professional or have recent experience with technology
  • We do require that you maintain a Linkedin profile that's 85% complete
  • We do require that you maintain a fully completed IT Specialist profile
  • We do require that you actively participate on our site and conduct yourself in a professional manner

Why Obtain the Certified IT Specialist Credential?

There are several reasons why you might want to consider becoming a Certified IT Specialist. Chief among them are:

  • Showcase or help prove your expertise in specific technologies
  • Have your expertise promoted throughout the IT Specialist Network
  • Share your ideas, concerns and experiences in IT with the industry at large
  • Connect with your peers using any of our social networks or online communities
  • Earn extra income as a Certified IT Specialist with our Advisory Services*

How to Obtain the Certified IT Specialist Credential

The Certified IT Specialist Program™ is a non-traditional certification program unique to IT Although it doesn't follow your prototypical IT certification program (i.e. training and/or assessment testing), it will allow IT professionals to use the title freely to help exemplify their verified expertise in specific technologies and employment. More specifically, Certified IT Specialists can prove that they are both active in their respective fields and have hands on expertise in various software, hardware and other information technology.

There are basically three levels to the program. Each level is cumulative or builds upon the other as with most traditional IT certification programs. Listed below is a description of each level of certification:

  • Certified IT Specialist - Member
  • Certified IT Specialist - Associate
  • Certified IT Specialist - Expert

The various levels of certification or achievement is based on a number of factors including years of experience in the field, points awarded and the length of membership on IT Our points system will be attributed to those that actively participate on our site in the form of providing technical reviews, blog posts, and article contributions all of which provide further proof to their expertise as an IT professional.

The first step you can take in becoming a Certified IT Specialist is to join our site and begin contributing in one or more ways as described above. Note: Once you're approved as a member, you can actively post on the system.

We look forward to you becoming a member of our site and a Certified IT Specialist soon!

* The IT Specialist Advisory Services is planned to launch in early 2015 or later. 

Certified IT Specialist Network

Join the Certified IT Specialist Network to network with your peers and colleagues. This group is native to IT Specialist and offers the ability share digital content with other members.

Certified IT Specialist Group

Join the Certified IT Specialist group on Linkedin to network with your peers and colleagues. This group is external to our site and offers members a fuller social media experience.

Program Benefits

As a Certified IT Specialist, you can enjoy a number of benefits. They include the following:

  • Actively Convey Your Expertise in Information Technology to Thousands of Leaders or Decision Makers the World Over
  • Participate in IT Specialist Network Webinars
  • Contribute Articles or Blog Posts to IT
  • Work as a freelance expert in the IT Specialist Advisory Services*
  • Network Among Your Peers within the IT Specialist Network
  • Membership in the Certified IT Specialist Linkedin group (a members only group)
  • Professional Use of Certified IT Specialist Logo (see below)