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Tech Advisory and Cybersecurity Services

Benchmarking Diagnostics - Data Driven IT Strategy - Baseline Security Assessment - Breach Prevention Program - and more!

benchmark diagnostics cloud


Benchmarking diagnostic surveys: Low effort, high impact. Diagnostics objectively identify what needs to improve in your IT department and how it compares to peers in the industry. This is accomplished with our Manage Core IT Processes diagnostic. 

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tech blueprints cloud


Online access to over 800+ do-it-yourself tools, best-practice methodologies, and templates. Quickly learn how to implement a Rapid Application Selection Framework to Maximizing Value with your VAR Partners. These are just a few of the numerous blueprints available.

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IT workshops cloud


A five-day onsite (or remote) engagement where expert facilitators help you complete a key initiative, work through critical project deliverables, and train your team. There are four distinct types of workshops available; Strategic, Training, Process and Technology.

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Make the Move from Tech Firefighter
to IT Champion

Get expert advice on strategy, planning and implementation phases of your IT projects

Baseline Security Assessment cloud

Baseline Security Assessment

We're proud to introduce our new Baseline Employee Security Assessment! The baseline assessment is ideal for SMBs that seek to protect their organizations beyond antivirus and firewall protection systems. And, the assessment is 100% free of charge for those that upgrade to our Breach Prevention Program within 10 days after our baseline assessment is conducted.

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Dark Web Scan cloud

Dark Web Scan

Performing a dark web scan is now considered a crucial first step in determining the vulnerability of organization against organized crime or hacking groups. A dark web scan checks for employee credentials that may be compromised due to a lack of security awareness training by employees. More importantly, a dark web scan can also reveal any data breaches that may have occurred in an organization unbeknownst to the owners.

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Security Awarness Training cloud

Security Awareness Training

The importance of security awareness training for employees cannot be overstated. Hackers are relentlessly making an all-out assault on every conceivable type of business or organization throughout the world. No organization is safe from the onslaught that hackers have wrought over the past decade. Fortunately, employees can help form a front line of defense if properly educated in security awareness training.  

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