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As many tech startup founders know, two of the hardest things involved in launching your new venture are raising capital and finding cofounders. Luckily, there is now a one-stop-shop that entrepreneurs can now go to. CoFoundersLab, a startup that connects entrepreneurs together as cofounders for new ventures, has just ...

In a previous post, I highlighted an innovative Washington, DC area startup called CoFoundersLab, an online matchmaking site for entrepreneurs looking to start or grow tech startups (think of a dating site, but for tech startup founders). Its always nice to see startups with an innovative business model succeed and ...

One of the trends we’ve seen in the VC world the last several years is that many of the major tech companies are establishing their own venture capital arms. Google, SAP, Microsoft, Samsung and others have all been doing this. While these in-house VCs are set up as profit seeking ...

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