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As part of our effort to be a place on the web that IT managers and developers want to visit, IT Specialist will be launching a new series of blog posts with the objective of bringing together in one location some of the most interesting news from the B2B enterprise-focused world. We are particularly keen to share any interesting news on B2B start ups that we come across. While B2C startups get the most press, the VC world is increasingly turning it's focus - and money - to the enterprise-focused B2B scene. As a result, some B2B startups are raising large amounts of VC cash, and some interesting new technologies are coming into the market for enterprise developers and IT managers. To whit:

An Enterprise Start Up Airwatch raises $200 million in a Series A Round 

Airwatch is in the MDM (Mobile Device Management) space. The company enables IT departments to track and manage employees’ personal devices that they bring with them to the Office. Clearly, CIO’s are wrestling with how to deal with the BYOD trend in this era of increased cybersecurity risks, and Airwatch is sitting right in this sweet spot. Airwatch's technology looks interesting, and any startup able to raise $200 million in Series A is one IT professionals might want to look at.

Business Website Security Firm Whitehat raises $31 million 

Are you an IT manager charged with monitoring and protecting your company's website? Then Whitehat may have the answer for you. Whitehat focuses specifically on the security of corporate websites. The company offers a cloud-based website vulnerability product that allows IT security engineers access to actionable intelligence on all websites a company owns.

BYOD management firm Armor5 Raises $2 million 

While Armor5 did not raise the large amounts of money that Airwatch and Whitehat did, the company caught my eye because it has a unique approach to the BYOD challenge faced by IT security managers.  Their software virtualizes corporate intranet data and cloud applications, which allows employees to access company content without allowing sensitive data to hit their tablets or smartphones. If you're an IT pro charged with managing your company's BYOD policy while keeping your company's important data safe, then Armor5's software might be interesting for you.

Application monitoring start up New Relic Raises $80 Million at a $750 Million Valuation

New Relic offers an intriguing yet easyily understood value proposition. The company allows IT managers to use an Saas-based dashboard to monitor the health and performance of their applications, servers, and website performance – and its’ their website performance in granular detail from the perspective of the END-USER.. Think of New Relic as a Salesforce for the IT Department – now that’s a pitch even a non-techie can understand!

Crittercism Helps Enterprise Developers Manage and Monitor Their Mobile Apps

Crittercism is a startup with the mission of making the lives enterprise application developers easier. The company's website says it best: “You should be able to look at the performance of your app in real-time, see what consumers are doing in your app, analyze what they're playing and buying and optimize the app so that they have a great experience. You should be able to keep your app bug-free and optimized at all times.” We quite agree, and what I particularly liked about Crittercism is that it's solution works across multiple mobile OS’ and is targeted at keeping an enterprise’s consumer app users satisfied with the performance of the enterprise’s apps.

Another Cloud Company Hits the Jackpot as Ravello Systems Raises a $26 Million Series B Round

Ravello’s Cloud Application Hypervisor enables enterprise developers to safely use the public cloud in a “capsule” to collaborate on projects and applications. This allows IT managers to overcome "internal resource constraints" (per the Ravello website) to "supercharge the development process".

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That’s it for now, but we’ll be back with another post on the world of B2B startups soon. In the meantime, please contact me at to let us know if we missed any hot B2B start-up news.

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