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After a year of quiet planning and platform redesign, IT Specialist Network (ITSN) is expanding into the field of IT consulting. The company’s main focus or specialty will be providing IT advisory services to a variety of businesses and organizations in need of help with IT projects that they can’t get a handle on or find projects that are completely out of control. The open network of consultants will also provide clients with classic strategic IT planning services as well. ITSN's expert consultants will be pulled from its greater network of over 500,000 IT professionals.

IT Specialist Advisory Services provides a multitude of services ranging from discovery and diagnostics to onsite workshops, technical blueprints and policy management, all to help clients master their IT domain from both a tactical and strategic approach. For example, the advisory services also offers client's a flat-fee membership plan (or à la carte) that provide self-guided training programs and professional coaching, should the customer encounter a situation where their staff and/or management have been assigned responsibilities that exceed their current level of skills and experience on a particular project.

As many IT shops have experienced, there is nothing worse than being assigned a project and not knowing where to begin or how complete it in an expeditious, albeit carefully planned manner. IT Specialist Advisory Services will provide customers with the help or guidance they’ll need to complete an IT project successfully, according to the company. It can make the difference between a successful IT project and one that completely misses the mark costing a business or organization significant funds and damage to its reputation.

In summary, IT Specialist Advisory Services consultants work side-by-side and assist staff, management or C-level IT professionals with projects that are complex, fraught with potential pitfalls and subject to cost overruns. For example, IT Specialist Advisory Services can help tech professionals utilize industry best practices, diagnose project roadblocks and develop blueprints, as well as create strong service level agreements that all help protect client infrastructure initiatives.

Have a great holiday and prosperous New Year!

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