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Taking Control of Digital Transformation Within Your Business or Organization

Have you lost control of the digital transformation within your organization or business? Has so-called Shadow IT taken over or running rampant throughout your organization? Moreover, has your role as CIO or Director of IT slowly diminshed over the years? These are questions or concerns every IT manager, Director and C-level executive are facing these days with the explosion of technology being used throughout most organizations.

IT Specialist Advisory Services can provide you with a concise blueprint that helps CIO or IT Leader fully understand and document their roles in any digital transformation. The blueprints also help you document a digital strategy that can be shared throughout your business or organization with senior and middle level management.

The digital transformation blueprints include research that will help you with the following:

  • Lead sections of digital strategy development
  • Closely align the IT and digital strategy with organizational strategy
  • Understand what digital transformation means to the organization
  • Develop and document a plan for IT and digital transformation

The blueprints (research and templates) will also help inform other managers throughout the organization with:

  • Aligning entreprise technology with customers and employees
  • Create a collection of initiatives that speed progression to the defined digital target state
  • CEOs who are looking to start their own digital transformation initiatives

In a recent quote or presentation by KPMG on the future of C-level leadership, they stated the following:

"The focus has moved beyond 'keeping the lights on' to creating business value; harnessing the social and technical disruption all around, using resources dynamically, implementing innovative IT and business products and creating an environment that can better attract and retain talent."

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how we can help you retain control of technology initiatives within your business or organization in a benevolent and well though-out manner.  

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