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Understanding How Disaster Recovery Planning Has Evolved

Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is rapidly evolving and now includes planning and prepartion for potential catastrophic cloud computing and ransomware events. Ransomware in particular is now one of the greatest dangers facing businesses or organizations due to advanced persistent threats in the form of malware and social engineering tactics used by hackers to invade networks or infrastructure.  

IT DRP is an evolutionary subset of general business continuity planning and focuses not only on infrastructure or systems, but those existing virtually in the cloud. Essentially, it is a detailed plan for IT organizations (e.g. data centers, departments and shadow IT) to recover systems that are both real and virtual following a major disruption caused by ransomware, theft, fire and natural disasters, to name a few. 

IT DRP is an opportunity to identifiy the following:

  • Key Systems and Dependentices (i.e.Apps)  
  • Recovery Targets based on Downtime
  • Current Recovery Capabilities
  • Compare Capabilities to Requirements
  • Impactful Opportunities to Invest in Resiliency 

Disaster recovery planning for ransomware or malware in general is an important facet of IT DRP planning and should not be overlooked as it has in the past. As the chart below depicts, ransomware threats have grown dramatically over the past two years with no end in sight.

Never assume that your business or organization is immune from ransomware, since the smallest of entities or organizations can be held for ransom and their future made uncertain with the blink of an eye. Being proactive by planning for possible ransomware attacks helps keep you one step ahead of hackers. IT Specialist Advisory Services can help you develop a formidable IT DRP with a minimum of disruption.

IT Specialist Advisory Services has teamed with a world class organization renowned for its best practices research and other tools in the field of information technology including:

  • Tools & Templates
  • Step-by-Step Methodologies (i.e. blueprints)
  • Benchmarking & Diagnostic Programs
  • Training & Executive Coaching
  • Insights and Advice from over 30,000 Peers

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