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Contributor Columns on Information Technology and Security

Greg Ness

Founder | Actium Bay Group

Most of the early uses of cloud IaaS were for small and medium–sized businesses and tactical Dev/Test environments. For enterprises the cloud as a critical environment for production apps was a pipe dream.  The hybrid cloud will change all of that this year as Microsoft (MSFT) and VMware (VMW) ...

Enterprises spend billions every year maintaining (and powering) duplicate racks and even entire data centers, solely for occasional potential use (in the event of an unforeseen outage or disaster). Required by law in many cases, it is probably one of the largest IT investments with among the lowest returns ...

As the public cloud evolves to address more enterprise IT operating requirements it will have to evolve into being a strategic part of a hybrid cloud operating model.  Enterprises will demand agility and control for the vast majority of their critical apps, and that is where the cloud opportunity is ...