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Contributor Columns on Information Technology and Security

Terry White

Strategic Consultant | IT Financing | Author

IT (still)doesn't matter Do you remember a chap called Nicholas Carr?  No? Well in 2003 he published an influential Harvard Business Review article entitled: “IT doesn't matter.” His argument was that, like electricity, or train transport, or courier services, IT had reached a stage where other IT specialist suppliers did it better and cheaper ...

My last article on IT Specialist talked about “How to save 30% of IT costs”, and gave people some ideas they could implement that could give effect to that change. But it stikes me that I'm asking for too much change. So here's some thoughts on how to change ...

I’m sitting in St. Petersburg (Russia) on a clear morning after running an IT masterclass for a large group of CIOs. The main thrust of the masterclass related to how current IT trends will change forever the way we do IT, and in some cases how these trends ...