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Silicon Valley Startup Cumulogic Brings Maximum Flexibility to the Cloud

Continuing IT Specialist's series of profiles on startups with new solutions or technology which we feel could be of interest to IT professionals, we are pleased to introduce Cumulogic.  Joining us today is Cumulogic Founder and and VP of Products Rajesh Ramchandan who has kindly taken the time to answer some of our questions.

Continuing IT Specialist's series of profiles on startups with new solutions or technology which we feel could be of interest to IT professionals, we are pleased to introduce Cumulogic.  Joining us today is Cumulogic Founder and and VP of Products Rajesh Ramchandan who has kindly taken the time to answer some of our questions. If you are either a Cloud service provider or enterprise Cloud user, Cumulogic has a solution that will provide you maximum flexibility.

IT Specialist: Thanks for joining us today Raj. To start with, can you provide our readers and overview of your background and what was your inspiration for forming the company?
Raj: I worked an Sun Microsystems and was involved in building the first public cloud for Sun. One of the things I noticed was that developers were still doing many tasks manually, and I  realized that a Platform on Demand (PaaS) service would dramatically increase the ease of of deployment for the developer community.
IT Specialist: As I gather, one of Cumulogic's primary value propositions from the beginning has been your Java PaaS offering, is that correct? 
Raj: That is indeed correct Josh. However, since our founding, we have moved well beyond just Paas for Java. We now offer a comprehensive suite of options that allow Cloud providers to essentially offer the same type of extremely diverse offerings that AWS provides in their Cloud. CumuLogic PaaS eliminates the need for developers to be installing, configuring and managing the application This allows developers to do what they do best - coding quality applications. 
IT Specialist: Can you explain in more detail what you mean by your ability to offer what I understand is the full suite of Amazon-style Cloud services for Cloud providers?
Raj: We now offer the following features: a multi-language PaaS; SQL & NoSQL; Cache aaS; Elastic Load Balancer. Cloud providers love us because this increases IaaS consumption as well as turn-key access to new, high-value services. Essentially, we offer Cloud service providers the ability to compete with Amazon and even differentiate themselves from AWS. Using Cumulogic's software-suite, IaaS Cloud providers can launch all of these new services in under 30 days.
IT Specialist: Can you provide a high level overview of the Cumulogic value proposition and unique differentiators:

Raj: Sure, let me provide an overview:

1. Only platform in the world to bring AWS-like services inside the firewall and the unique architecture designed to support complete integrated platforms (PaaS). We are the only Cloud services platform that truly provides unlimited flexibility using an API-driven Service Framework allows for easy integration of any desired service.

2. We are the only Cloud services platform on the market that isolates application-level risks & security. This provides protection against rogue application risk.

3. We are the only product designed from the ground up for use by Cloud Service Providers.

4. Only product to come pre-integrated with Citrix CloudPlatform and CloudPortal. This provides an extremely easy to deploy out-of-the box integration. 

5. The user is not locked into any any single Cloud vendor, as Cumulogic makes all of your applications fully portable.


IT Specialist: Raj, can you get into a bit more detail on Number Five above. This seems like a very powerful differentiator for end-users as it would allow them to avoid being locked into a single Cloud vendor like Amazon, do I understand you correctly? I guess this has to do with your API-driven Service Framework?
Raj: Yes, you are indeed absolutely correct on both counts. About the multi-cloud support, we wanted to build a platform to abstract the underlying infrastructure (IaaS) and deliver a platform with a consistent experience across different clouds. CumuLogic platform hides all the complexity of IaaS clouds to give the same, consistent experience to users, and also make applications portable by not relying on the features offered by IaaS clouds. For example, we build an autoscaling engine in our the platform, which scales automatically the application server tier based on CPU, memory, HTTP response times, etc. If you were going to rely on the autoscaling capabilities of clouds such as Amazon, you'll be locked-in, and if you want to move your workloads to your private cloud (i.e. VMware vCloud), you will have to remove your autoscaling dependencies before moving the applications. With CumuLogic PaaS, you don't have to worry about any of those dependencies - just point your workload to a different cloud and you get the same platform behavior. Similarly, if you were using VMware vApps on a vCloud, you are locked into vCloud, but if you were deploying applications through CumuLogic PaaS, we hide all the vApp complexity from the user and deploy apps exactly the same way on vCloud, OpenStack, Apache CloudStack, Citrix CloudPlatform, etc.
IT Specialist: From the perspective of enterprises and IT managers, what does Cumulogic's allow them to do that they would not be able to without your suite of software?
Raj: As I noted above, the CumuLogic API-driven service makes it easy for enterprise developers to design, deploy and manage their applications on any cloud. This dramatically improves the time for bringing applications to the market. As noted, this allow for the portability of any enterprise applications, which eliminates cloud vendor lock-in. To summarize, Cumulogic provides IT departments with AWS-like capabilities, but it allows them to deploy and manage these capabilities within a private cloud.
IT Specialist: How has your traction been in the in the market to date, and are there any examples of partners or customers that you could share with us?
Raj: Cumulogic is proud to have a closely established partnership with Hewlett Packard. HP provides their robust IaaS capabilities, combined with all of the advantages of the Cumulogic suite of software noted above.
IT Specialist: For enterprise customers who may be interested to try Cumulogic's product-suite, what is the best way to interact with you?
Raj: They can go to  HP and Cumulogic will offer customers a free 90 day trial of our joint-offering. In addition, you can feel feel free to contact Cumulogic directly. For more general questions, feel free to contact our VP of Marketing Laura Ventura. 
IT Specialist: Has Cumulogic raised any capital to date and/or do you have plans to do so in the future?
Raj: To date, we are proud to have seed funding from the Citrix Startup Accelerator as well as Crunchfund, which concentrates on seed stage investments. In the future we will look at raising a Series A.
IT Specialist: Finally Raj, are there any future plans or particular new initiatives that you might want to share with us?
Raj: We have had tremendous traction in the Cloud service provider market, and we expect to announce partnerships with a number of additional Cloud providers in the near future.

IT Specialist: Thank you for taking the time out from your busy schedule Raj, and best of luck going forward.




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