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Israeli Challenger Wix Takes on Free Webs and Other U.S. Web Design and Hosting Firms

WIX Websites  is a leading Israeli company that provides cloud-based visual development and editing environments that make it easy for IT pros to set up anything from websites to web-based businesses.

WIX Websites  is a leading Israeli company that provides cloud-based visual development and editing environments that make it easy for IT pros to set up anything from websites to web-based businesses.

WIX has created a state-of-the-art, creative way to design websites. With the opportunities and add-ons available on their website, the WIX platform creates an innovative user experience. Diverse and creative website templates including business, photography and other entertainment modules ensure that users on the WIX website can find a template that suits their needs. Wix employs what I would describe as a “drag and drop” approach to building HTML5-based websites, where users can grab and paste what they need. Wix also has a huge App Market, allowing IT pros to add such features as social networking and e-commerce to their company’s site, all without having to spend days or even weeks writing and tweaking code to make everything fit together.

WIX has over 40 million registered users in 190 countries. No prior knowledge of web design is required in the creation of websites, yet WIX websites allows IT pros to create exciting and innovative websites, increasing their competitive advantage over competitors. WIX has been critical in enhancing and providing services for cloud based web development that WIX websites users can now use to generate exciting platforms for their customers.  In my experience using Wix, the company’s tools made me rethink everything about website creation, what a website should look like, and how we should approach its design. WIX websites took on a complicated and very important task, and transformed it into a simple job that is fast, and available to anyone.

In my opinion, Wix is a particularly good fit for SMBs, where there may be only one IT specialist handling everything from networking to cloud to internet connectivity. In this regard, though they may not specialize in web design, the fact that they have an IT background makes Wix simple and easy to use. From a business point of view, WIX is unique, and they have made their platform a necessity since with their outstanding concept they are not just a website provider. They are business enablers; they enable small businesses to be “out there” and exposed to the world.

Robert Kiyosaki said, “Passion builds businesses.” WIX is a place where that happens, as they are incredibly passionate about redefining our idea of websites, and especially the fact that WIX has many happy customers, as shown by the feedback provided by the users on WIX website stories forum:

Recently WIX moved from being a successful privately held company to a public company traded on the NASDAQ. One major challenge for Wix going forward is that they are no longer a scrappy little startup looking to empower small businesses. As a new public company contending for the first time with the demands of Wall Street analysts, WIX now needs to recognize and manage expectations of shareholders, while at the same time continuing to provide the type of high quality product that so impressed me in my own trial of the Wix solution.  

One strategy Wix is using to continue its rocket growth is through acquisitions. Wix recently acquired a startup called OpenRest, which is a tool for restaurant and food businesses to add such features as menus and order forms to their site. Prior to acquiring OpenRest, Wix purchased a mobile development platform called Appixia, allowing Wix customers to convert their Wix web sites to a mobile format.

In sum, if you’re an IT pro assisting small businesses develop a web presence, you should definitely give Wix a shot.

Carmit Yadin is a season sales professional and entrepreneur and the author of How To BOOM B2B Sales. She tweets at @CarmitYadin

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