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  • Android - Chaz Just Played & Reviews

    Chaz just played 2008's Android, by Fantasy Flight Games, and shares his thoughts and reviews the game in this episode of "Chaz Just Played".

    Have YOU played Android? If so, share your experiences with the game in the comments!

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    Android is a board game of murder and conspiracy set in a dystopian future. Detectives travel between the city of New Angeles and moon colony Heinlein chasing down leads, calling in favors, and uncovering the sinister conspiracy beneath it all. The detectives must balance their pursuit of the murderer against their personal lives and their inner demons. Android’s innovative mechanics ensure that no two detectives play alike. Will you play as Louis Blaine, the crooked cop tormented by guilt and loss? Or will you take the role of Caprice Nisei, the psychic clone who struggles to retain her sanity while proving that she’s as human as anyone else? Whoever you choose to play, you’ve got just two weeks to solve the murder, uncover the conspiracy, and face your personal demons.

    During a round, the players get action points to spend on various actions, like moving their detectives, following leads that appear on locations, solving their personal demons, or doing a location-specific action. In this way, the detectives try to advance on three different sectors: solving the murder, uncovering the conspiracy behind the murder, and finding their inner peace. To solve the murder, the detectives follow leads that appear on New Angeles and Heinlein, and find evidence that they plant on the suspect of their choice. The conspiracy puzzle is also solved by following leads, and may alter the way victory points are distributed at the end of the game. Finally, each detective has his/her own personal plots that are resolved gradually throughout the game. If the detective invests enough time in the plot, he/she will be awarded victory points; otherwise, he will suffer penalties.

    The game ends when two in-game weeks (12 rounds) have passed. At that point, victory points are awarded based on the aforementioned sectors. The player with the most victory points is the winner.
  • Why is EVERYONE Buying this Tablet?? - Amazon Fire 7

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    It may not be HD.. It doesn't have the best battery life.. But the Amazon Fire 7 is definitely the best tablet you can get (for $40) so why not? It does Netflix, it has a headphone jack, what more do you want? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Review - An Amazing Android Tablet

    should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab s4 in 2019?
    In this video, I take a look at and review the most powerful Android tablet I’ve ever had on the channel!
    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is an amazing android tablet for everyday use Video playback Android Gaming like PubG and Fortnite and even Emulation like GameCube using the dolphin emulator for android

    Buy one Here:


    My Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Review:
    My Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019 Review:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 Specs:
    * Dimensions: 249.3 x 164.3 x 7.1 mm
    * Processor: Smapdragon 835
    * Weight: 1.06 pounds
    * RAM: 4GB
    * Storage: 64GB or 256GB
    * Camera: 13MP, f/1.9
    * Battery: 7,300mAh
    * Speakers: Surround sound with Dolby Atmos
    * OS: Android 9Follow Me On Twitter:
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  • New Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Hands-On Review | Samsung's Latest Has A Surprise

    Samsung is one of the few manufacturers still making Android tablets, let alone ones that focus on productivity. Android has a lot of potential. If Google’s not going to push the needle, a hardware expert like Samsung is the next best thing. Its latest is the Galaxy Tab S6, a follow-up to last year’s Tab S4, and it shows Samsung is listening.

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    Neewer 660 LED Video Light
    Benro S6 Video Tripod

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  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Review - The Ultimate Android Tablet For Everything!

    This is the Ultimate, Most Powerful All-around Android Tablet ever!
    In my opinion, it is the Best Android Tablet so Far.
    IN this video I take a look, review and test the all-new Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 My absolute favorite Android Tablet so far. Whether you want to Draw Using the new S Pen watch videos on the amazing Super Amoled Display, Play games like Minecraft, Fortune and PubG or run you favorite emulates like Dolphin for GameCube PPSSPP for PSP or Redream for Dreamcast the Tab S6 has you covered! Is it an iPad killer? Should you buy one? Let's find out.

    Buy The Tab S6 on Amazon:
    128GB 6Gb Version:
    256Gb 8GB Ram Version:
    Tab S6 Keyboard Cover:
    Ipega Tablet Controller:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Specs:
    CPU: Snapdragon 855 (7 nm)
    Octa-core 1x2.84 GHz 3x2.42 GHz 4x1.78 GHz
    GPU: Adreno 640 @585 MHZ
    Ram: 6-8GB LPDDR4X
    Storage: 128-256GB + Micro SD Up To 1 TB
    Display: 10.5” Super AMOLED @ 1600 x 2560
    Sound: Quad Speaker tuned by AKG With Dolby Atmos
    Cameras: Rear 13 MP+5MP Ultrawide Front 8MP
    Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac , BT 5.0 , A-GPS
    Sensors: Fingerprint ”optical” accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass
    Battery: 7040 mAh battery 15 Watt Fast Charging
    OS: Android 9.0 With Samsung One UI + Samsung DeX
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  • Robo's Honest Reviews - Chinese 10.1 Inch Tablet Android 6.0 2560x1600 4gb Ram 64gb Rom

    So let me start off by saying 5 simple words which I will repeat at the end of this review. DO NOT BUY THIS TABLET

    From start to finish the description of this tablet is a lie and they do everything they can to conceal that lie. Included on the tablet itself is a version of Antutu Benchmark which is heavily modified. When you run it will spit back out to you all the specs that the tablet says it offers. I promptly uninstalled it and tried to install the actual version from the play store and the tablet would not allow it. I then decided to download quadrant standard to get an idea of the system along with another file browser and here are the specs the tablet actually has
    8 Core CPU
    4gigs ram
    1280x768 Display
    8GB Onboard storage
    5MP Camera
    Android 4.x kitkat
    Not only are the specs incorrect but it even claims the tablet has a metal shell which it does not. Everything on this tablet including the screen is made out of plastic and very cheap plastic at that. I continued testing the tablet with different apps and 75% of the apps i installed out not even start. Anything that required any kind of graphics (Clash of Clans, Bullet Storm) immediately crashed the tablet to a black screen which I then had to forcibly reboot the tablet. At this point I felt no further testing was even required. The seller is lieing and trying to pass off absolute garbage as a high spec tablet for a quick cash grab. I said it once Ill say it again DO NOT BUY THIS TABLET
  • Best Android Tablets in 2019 - Top 5 Android Tablets Review

    Links to the best android tablets we listed in today's android tablet review video:
    1. Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

    2. Fire HD 10 Tablet

    3. Lenovo Smart Tab M10

    4. Huawei MediaPad M5 Pro

    5. ASUS ZenPad 3S

    In today's video we reviewed the top 5 best android tablets on the market in 2019. We made this list based on our personal opinion and we ranked them in no particular order after doing our research based on their price, features, processing power, brand reputation and more. Now if you think there are other android tablets which deserve to be in this list, please leave a comment down below! Thanks for watching and if this android tablet review was helpful to you, please remember to leave a like and subscribe to our channel to see more videos like this in the future, and if you have any questions related to the android tablet models which are listed here, leave a comment down below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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