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  • How to install Linux Operating System Using Pendrive on Computer | Ubuntu Install / Setup Bangla

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  • 6 Reasons Why I Switched from Windows to Linux

    I switched to Linux for game development... and I love it! Here are 6 reasons why (contents below)
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    The 6 reasons:

    01:32 1. Linux is fast
    04:38 2. Linux is modular
    07:51 3. The command line is tightly integrated
    09:41 4. Install and maintenance is efficient
    12:59 5. It evolves with your skills
    14:55 6. It's secure and you control your data

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  • Top 4 Most Exciting Linux Distros For 2019

    Here's my top 4 most exciting Linux distros that I'm looking forward to in 2019.

    I wrote an article on Medium about the distros featured in this video so I won't rehash it here. Follow me on Medium for more content like this -

    A shortlist of the distros I featured in this video are:

    • SteamOS
    • Solus
    • KDE Neon
    • Mint Linux 19.1

    The music in the video is a remix of the Turtles in Time theme by the excellent "MyNewSoundtrack" -

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  • Operating Systems Crash Course for Programmers (Mac, Windows, Linux)

    *Prerequisites for this video:*

    1. Basic Understanding of Coding and the Terminal -

    *Who this video is for:* Programmers who want to better understand the three main operating systems and the most important differences between them.

    *Purpose:* This video walks through the basics of the three most popular operating systems for programmers.


    0:52 Why do you need to understand your operating system?
    1:43 Brief history of operating systems and the personal computer revolution
    15:51 Filesystem differences
    20:17 Filesystem Demo
    25:30 Command line interpreters (shell)
    26:48 What is a Shell? (Terminology)
    28:18 Shell Demo
    32:20 Difference between sh and bash (shebang line)
    35:14 Package management
    36:04 Package management demo
  • 5 Tips to Start Linux in 2019

    With the new year we should be looking to do more personal computing on a Linux operating system. Here are some tips.

    Creating a USB Installable Drive in Windows:

    Office Suites:

    Software Thoughts:

    Using Virtualbox:

    Safely Installing Linux:

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  • New To Linux?, Let's Install Your First Linux OS.

    Now I don't normally do new user content to be honest, but I thought now might be the time to do it, so here we install Ubuntu 18.04 for the first time Linux user just to show you how easy and quick it really is for a first timer...nice

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  • Chasing Perfection? - My Top 5 Distros of 2018

    For all Linux-based cloud hosting needs check out Linode:

    As the year wraps up, it's time to check out my top picks for Linux distros in 2018.

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  • 6 Lightweight Linux Distros for Old PCs (2019)

    Not all computers are born equal, and if you have a lower-end rig you may need to look at lighweight Linux distros that will work well on older computers. There's so much variety on the Linux platform that it can actually be hard to choose the best lightweight distro for your purposes, so we've picked out six of the best of 2018.

    Alpine -

    Lubuntu -

    Puppy Linux -

    TinyCore -

    LXLE -

    Arch Linux -

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  • The Truth About Linux

    People are accusing Linux content providers, such as myself, of "lying about Linux." Well, here is the truth about Linux as I see it in late 2018.

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  • Mac OS vs Linux | Which is better for you?

    In this video, I compare Mac OSX vs Linux and go over its history and which is truly the best for you. Before we do a straight comparison we need to understand where they come from and the differences between them.

    1:01 Linux History
    2:11 Mac OSX History
    4:35 Why Choose Linux?
    6:18 Why Choose Mac?


    To understand either OSX or Linux you need to know about UNIX. It is basically the father to many of what we see today, but there is a reason no one uses Unix anymore. In the late 80s and early 90s AT&T held the UNIX Licenses for part of the kernel and ip stack and proceed to litigate anyone that used UNIX without paying. AT&T effectively killed UNIX.

    First off, Linux is NOT UNIX and is NOT a fork of UNIX. It originally looked and acted like UNIX but this is a common misconception. It originated from a collaboration done by Linux Torvalds with the GNU (GNU is NOT UNIX) Project (Richard Stallman from MIT) and Minix (Andrew Tanenbaum). Both these projects were coded entirely from scratch with completely free licensing. From here it has been developed from the early 90s to today.

    Mac OSX
    The first Macs from the 80s and 90s used a FAR different version than today. This kernel is nothing like OSX today. Macintosh 1 to 9 was not UNIX based and was very proprietary. I suggest watching Jobs, Pirates of Silicon Valley, or various other films to get a broad understanding of them. In 2001 Mac OS 10 was born, and it was based on UNIX or to be more specific NeXTStep which acquired in the late 90s. NeXTStep was based on BSD which used some UNIX code but in 1991 it managed to strip out all the AT&T code and also convert to Free licensing.

    Use Cases

    -Great for Gaming
    -Tons of Selection and Customization

    -Adobe suite
    -Microsoft Office
    -Expensive App Store
    -Walled Garden - If its here it runs well and is very clean, but you can only play here
    -Hipster Friendly

    Hackintosh Resources - How to Build your own Mac

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